Client comments

We knew we needed to improve how we act upon and respond to the Customer Satisfaction data we collect in our regional support processes. We commissioned h2index to help us learn from other major corporations. h2index helped us understand how managing Customer Satisfaction could be better integrated in our end to end support cycle and now this is implemented our users recognise and appreciate that we act upon their feedback.
Robert Christmas, Director – Global Shared Services, Merck
The results and feedback from h2index surprised us. We got much more from this exercise than we were expecting
Peter Dew, The Linde Group
The work of h2index was really useful when we were looking at outsourcing options. We knew the data was right and from realistic comparator organizations.
Walter Hinz, Global Head of Customer Services, Novartis
We were presented with a huge amount of useful information which would have been difficult for us to gather otherwise. The findings have energized us and given us new impetus.
David Peltzman, VP End User Advocacy, GlaxoSmithKline
Two things attracted us to work with h2index. They understood the issues surrounding global helpdesks and they had a ready made group of valid comparators. This made the process fast and painless and the feedback was insightful.
Carol Caswell, Senior Director, IS Customer Support and Services, Merck
The h2index study was extremely useful. It brought new light on the opportunities available to us.
Edwina McDowall, CIO, Cable and Wireless Worldwide