User support

h2index has been helping senior IT managers improve their user support – service desks and/or desk-side support – and achieve their objectives for over ten years now. We are a leading authority on what can (and what cannot) be achieved in user support.

Services include:

Qualitative research – we research a particular topic on behalf of a client by enquiring of the experience of our community of User Support executives in 75+ large, global companies. We analyse the findings and develop “emerging best practice”, a coherent selection of which has been successfully implemented in other leading enterprises.

Quantitative research – more of a numerical comparison. Like all our research, this is geared towards action, helping our client progress in the direction they choose. Because it is more numerical, we can evaluate the return: it is usually ten or more times cost.

Consultancy – using the knowledge and information we have collected and collated over the years to help clients through a particular challenge.