The power of our approach

In 2008, there was a radical transformation of the senior management at one of our major clients, a global pharmaceuticals company. One consequence was that the new CEO challenged each main component of the business to re-think the way it operated; divisions and functions were to be imaginative, and consider themselves free from their traditional constraints.

Along with all other senior managers, the head of IT User Services was presented with this challenge.  h2index had worked with him for some time and he commissioned us to “go out and find some bright ideas”, both using our existing knowledge, and by benchmarking the effectiveness of methods and processes in use in other corporations of similar scale, diversity, and complexity (the client is a very large company, operating in over 100 countries, and with more than 100,000 IT users).

By looking at the best practices in leading companies, we were able to identify six key themes where the client could make significant improvements. These included:

  • Overhauling the problem management process to reduce the number of incidents impacting the User Services function
  • Suggesting ways in which “high-touch” support could become “zero-touch”
  • Reconfiguring their approach and organisation to exploit a series of scale, service offering and organisational opportunities.

Shortly beforehand, the client had participated in our benchmark programme, and the total spend on User Services was around £25m at the time. With our help, they constructed a change plan and commenced implementation.

We have subsequently provided two checkpoints, most recently in 2011, which show that the change programme is working: satisfaction is up, service quality is up, and costs are down.

So far, the equivalent cost has been reduced to approximately £15m – a saving of 40%. There is more to come – the client believes costs will fall below £10m during the next 2-3 years.