Technology forums

h2index organises forums for IT executives in UK, Europe and the US.  Our current forums include:

These facilitated meetings offer cross-industry, peer-to-peer discussion using a carefully considered structure; over-laced with an informal, relaxed atmosphere to encourage freedom of thought. This distinctive and deliberate selection of cross-industry executives allows for shared experiences across sector boundaries. The format is extremely popular and results in more outside-the-box thinking.

In our experience, those participating in forums benefit from

  • Meeting and interacting with their peers
  • Sharing emergent best practice in the governance and organisation of their operations
  • Exchanging ideas and views on new or leading-edge technologies.

Forums can comprise a one-off meeting or a regular series of meetings for a particular group of participants wanting to pursue a mutual interest. Typically, our forums are cross-industry gatherings with participants coming together from the pharmaceuticals, energy, financial services, professional services and FMCG sectors.

The value h2index brings

In our experience, it is important that meetings carefully balance structure and informality. Meetings must have some focus but, at the same time, there must be freedom for participants to chat.

The benefit of using h2index to run a forum is that we organise and structure the meetings. Our principals – who are skilled facilitators – run the meetings but with a light touch. They are adept at balancing the need for time-keeping with the occasional desire of participants to pursue emerging areas of conversation.

If you want one…We continually get requests to organise forums and we’re most happy to oblige!