Our studies are short, sharp and cost effective

Our projects run for typically six to eight weeks, sometimes considerably less.

We tailor their scope precisely to our clients’ needs so that our work to gives you a clear idea of the practical steps you can take going forward.

We charge an affordable – usually fixed – fee. When they’re seeking hard benefits, we expect our clients to get a ten-fold or greater return on their investment.

We gain insight by talking to others

Each h2index research study is commissioned by, and tailored for, a particular client to address a specific IT question. h2index screens its global network for companies most able to help find answers to their client’s questions. They might be in the same sector as you but often they’re not. A shortlist of suitable companies is developed and agreed with the customer, along with the questions to be asked in the study. Between 4 and 40 companies participate – ensuring the data returned is relevant, current and from the most appropriate peer companies.

We have a unique team

Our team has exceptional depth of operational and consulting expertise in IT. Prior to joining h2index, they held C-level positions within major multinationals and top-tier consulting firms. They have experienced first-hand the challenges you face today. This enables them to understand your situation and make realistic recommendations to improve your IT performance.

Nobody does it the way we do

Unlike mainstream IT research companies, we provide studies tailored to your particular needs. Whilst we will leverage our existing knowledge base, we will also gather data specifically for your study. If you’re looking for a direct benchmark, we will find the right comparators for you.

And we don’t conduct lengthy and expensive consulting engagements on a time-and-materials basis with enthusiastic but inexperienced staff. The knowledge and experience of the h2index partners provides a level of complexity analysis that ensures the findings are contextualized to deliver the greatest value to the client.

We leverage our global network

We have established relationships with over sixty leading companies in the consumer, pharmaceutical, financial services, energy and industrial sectors. This global network gives us the ability to share experience across sector boundaries, a distinctive aspect of our service which is frequently attractive to our clients.

We maintain strictest confidence

As a client of an h2index study, you will know the names of the companies participating in your study but, in the interests of confidentiality, we do not link company names to individual data sets in our reports. We sign non-disclosure agreements with all participants and we work hard to make sure that no company can be identified from their data.