Qualitative research

Our clients sponsor us to research the “emerging best practice” of leading organisations in user support. To date, we have covered numerous topics such as customer satisfaction (CSAT), improving user experience, pricing models, vendor management, demand reduction, fresh ideas in user support, user support delivery channels and approaches to organisation & sourcing.

Could your business benefit from “emerging best practice”?

Whilst each study is customised, our standard approach is to reach out to our community to understand the latest trends and developments via a short on-line survey. We then conduct interviews with those companies that appear to be doing something innovative or interesting.

This approach produces robust results which provide input to strategy planning, business cases and project plans. One recent study was sponsored by the EMEA arm of a major company to research world-class CSAT.  A new CSAT process was devised from our research for EMEA; more recently, it’s being adopted and rolled out across the company globally.

Two “white papers” show the strength of our approach:

We have a ready-made community to call upon and find that people speak freely to us because we are trusted and independent.  We know exactly how to frame the questions and our interpretation and analysis leads to meaningful information with clear recommendations.