Participants required

h2index is continually undertaking research for its clients and each project requires a panel of representative organisations. We are currently looking for the right organisations to help us with the following study.

White glove services

A large research-led manufacturing company has asked h2index to benchmark their executive support systems for VIP managers against their peers. The company provides this service to their top 200 staff and this support ensures they are kept productive and connected wherever they are in the world.

Our client wants to know if, and how, other multinationals offer similar services and the extent to which VIPs are covered by standard end user support. They are also keen to find out if senior managers are part of the spread of new technology. Do senior executives use non-standard devices such as tablets or non-standard services such as Skype? Have any of these subsequently become adopted as standard throughout the company?

Our client is open to other companies shaping this study and sharing the cost; co-sponsors will receive a detailed analysis tailored to their company’s particular circumstances.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us.