h2index specialises in quantifying and comparing IT management
practice in the world’s largest companies. We aim to give our clients
a “window on the world” allowing them to understand the state of
the art. In this way, we help our clients understand how other large
organisations are tackling the issues that all IT leaders face.
Our Mission
Lync Centre of Excellence
Latest Thoughts

At h2index, we work to help IT leaders improve the performance of their technology infrastructure. In particular, we are interested in two things

  • Measuring performance – because metrics help IT leaders make informed decisions
  • Spreading best practice between organisations struggling to deal with the seemingly endless innovation in information technology

Microsoft Lync has potentially huge benefits. h2index’s Centre of Excellence deploys and exploits Lync in large multinationals reducing the risk of failing to exploit these opportunities.

  • Staying on time and on budget
  • Finding the right vendor
  • Achieving universal adoption
  • Achieving full exploitation

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