Microsoft Office 365 Dedicated user group

The group formed when a number of large Microsoft customers, in conjunction with h2index, decided to work together to help Microsoft to understand the needs of large enterprises and to provide a sounding board for Microsoft when developing cloud-based services. The group also coordinates their requirements for improvements to Office 365 and its supporting processes and presents them to Microsoft; and reacts to Microsoft’s proposals.

Microsoft recognises the value of the group and senior Microsoft managers attend for part of the meeting.

Since May 2009, h2index has facilitated four meetings a year for large organisations committed to operating a Microsoft Office 365 Dedicated service.

Group members include GlaxoSmithKline, Nokia, Aviva, Mars, Ernst & Young, Shell, EON and Novartis, and represents a total seat count of over 800,000.

To date, the group has been successful in helping Microsoft to:

  • Improve licensing aspects of the service
  • Develop improved processes for support services
  • Understand customer requirements for release management

The group is continuing to work with Microsoft to help improve its Office 365 service still further – whilst also exploring new opportunities for developing the technology to the next level.

Philip Hopley, partner at h2index: “It has been fascinating to watch the group develop. I have seen a distinct shift in focus in recent meetings – away from resolving the inevitable teething troubles connected with the services, to a more thoughtful and inspirational discussion around how the technology could be used to fundamentally change the way individual companies carry out key business activities.”