For most companies, messaging – email and the accompanying services – has become the most widespread IT application. It has penetrated every part and every level of the organisation. Its performance is immediately visible at the upper echelons of the firm and, although unit costs are fairly low, the number of users means that it is a significant cost item overall.

Early in 2008, one of the major companies in the telecommunications industry briefed us to compare their costs and operational performance with similarly large and diverse businesses. This led to a continuing research programme where we look at:

  • The scope of the messaging service and the facilities provided
  • Trends in service provision
  • Unit costs, and how they are developing
  • Operational performance measures, such as the availability of the core service and the speed and effectiveness of support
  • The relative complexity of the business environment that is being supported.

As in End User Services, we’ve found very large differentials in unit costs – more than a two to one ratio – and orders of magnitude differences in service failure rates.

We’ve now worked on messaging with companies in the telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, financial services, and industrial sectors. We can advise how a client company’s costs and performance metrics compare, and recommend realistic improvement goals. In some cases, our benchmarks have led to a reduction in costs of more than 35%. If you would like to discuss how we might help you review your messaging operations, please contact us.