End user services

If you run end user services (EUS) – service desk or desk-side support or both – you are probably wondering how you compare with similar organisations. What improvements in service are possible? Could you reduce the cost? How much can you save if you outsource the service?

In the last 18 months, 15 large multinational companies running over 30 service desks have worked with h2index to benchmark their EUS. The data set covers a wide range of firms including: GlaxoSmithKline, Occidental Petroleum, Novartis and Deutsche Telekom. Benchmarking has given participating companies a deeper understanding of their EUS operations and allowed them to make improvements with a greater confidence of success.

For example, comparing one industry-leading company’s EUS with its peers, h2index showed how a potential rebalancing of work between the desk-side services and the service desk gave a global manufacturing client the opportunity to reduce costs by $13 million.

Edwina McDowall, CIO, Cable and Wireless Worldwide: “The h2index study was extremely useful. It brought new light on the opportunities available to us.”

Simon Bennett, h2index: “EUS is one of many areas in which we conduct comparative research. Our benchmarking studies are completely confidential. These studies are short, sharp and clients find them highly cost-effective.”