Most of h2index’s work revolves around the user aspects of IT management, looking at how technology is used.

h2index helps clients to:

  • Understand what IT people and users want
  • Understand what is possible
  • Build “use cases” for the new environments
  • Build a business case
  • Develop strategy
  • Market new ideas internally
  • Create the bullets to fire in the negotiation process
  • Plan the implementation

Any or all of these activities can be backed up by targeted bespoke research if necessary.

Unlike traditional consulting firms which undertake lengthy and expensive consulting engagements on a time-and-materials basis, h2index delivers short, sharp, fixed-price solutions that identify what clients need to do to achieve their particular IT and business objectives. By analysing best practice and potential pitfalls in specific areas of IT management, h2index helps clients to understand both what is possible and what to avoid.