Benchmarking user support services

h2index has been benchmarking user support services operations in major international corporations since 2006. Each study covered service desks/help desks and desk-side support, and has analysed data covering costs, service quality, structure, and service characteristics such as languages supported.

We have found it to be a powerful technique to give user support services leaders insights into their performance; to monitor cost control and service delivery, and specifically to identify and size opportunities to improve the service and/or reduce the cost.

Here are some examples of the savings identified by benchmark studies over the last year or so. In every case, the cost reductions available are substantial, far greater than the costs of the benchmark exercise.

Users Supported Size Band Initiatives Saving scaled to 50k Users
10-25k Demand management – desk-side support $2.7m
25-50k Service desk – demand management and service optimisation $0.75m
25-50k Desk-side/service desk arbitrage $6.7m
25-50k Service desk cost management $2.5m
25-50k Desk-side/service desk arbitrage $1.8m
25-50k Desk-side/service desk arbitrage $1.5m
50-75k Harmonise service desk practices and costs $2.4m
75-100k Desk-side/service desk arbitrage $1.2m
75-100k Desk-side/service desk arbitrage $5.0m

This shows an average scaled saving of $2.7m annually compared with a one-off benchmark cost of $40k. It’s still down to the user support services leadership to deliver the savings, but as our case study shows, they are doing just that.