About h2index

h2index is small team of quietly influential individuals in Southern England which helps a large proportion of the world’s largest corporations such as GlaxoSmithKline, Microsoft, Merck and Willis to make significant technology-related business decisions.

What makes the h2index team stand out from the crowd is a rare business commodity – access to in-depth information about these hugely successful global enterprises’ use of technology to do business and gain competitive advantage.

h2index is an IT management research and benchmarking partnership that helps senior IT executives in large multinationals to understand best practice and identify technology-driven business opportunities and improvements.

Set up in 2004 by Phil Hopley and Andy Hubbard as a response to the absence of meaningful research data and benchmarking in IT, h2index undertakes tailored research studies and runs regular discussion forums and events. The team quantifies and compares IT practices and performance across top global companies and delivers the insights their clients need to improve IT for greater business success.

Working with, and sharing knowledge with the world’s top IT professionals places the h2index partners in a unique and privileged position – closely observing the latest waves of innovation in the application of new technology for business.

Here is the management team.