Process: the new hot topic (again)

Large multinational companies are expert in process management, but h2index has recently noticed a significant increase in conversations about different dimensions of process: global and multi-provider.

A major consumer goods company has retained h2index to help them to globalise IT management, specifically the processes. The overall intent is clear and h2index is working with the senior team to develop the delivery model. We will help by contributing our knowledge of best practice in other multinationals with globalised operations and processes.

Multiple providers
A second instance is a technology and manufacturing multinational, which is interested in looking at process maturity particularly where a process spans multiple providers. h2index is still discussing the form of this research but an interesting aspect might be scoring key processes against attributes such as SLA consistency, success in running end-to-end, and innovation. This could enable the development of a Maturity Model, similar to the Outsourcing Model we established in our recent infrastructure sourcing research.

What’s going on with process? Are you looking at it closely too? If you would like some help or would be interested to know what other majors have done and are doing, contact us.