Looking back at 2011

As we reach the end of a busy year, here are a few observations from our 2011 research studies and forums.  They reflect the IT management choices being made by large-scale multinational corporations across the consumer, pharmaceutical, energy, retail, industrial and financial services sectors.

Consumerisation: driven at first by the iPhone and then the iPad, people want to be able to use devices of their choosing, not just the corporate standard. How are firms going to react in 2012?

Consistency: large-scale firms are still driving (and striving) to have common systems, platforms and services across their operations – balancing this with the demands of key workers (as referenced above) will present a major challenge in the months and years to come.

Mobility: users expect to be able to work wherever and whenever they want – securely, effectively, easily – next year we will continue to track choices that large scale enterprises make to deliver this for their workers (and the affect that this has on their ability to retain the best people).

Cloud: will alter expectations of how IT services are delivered; and, by the way, will become pervasive.

Collaboration: as firms develop products, services and support structures that apply globally, they need to run effective teams of people who are operating at great distances from one another, and in different time zones; and the need is accelerating.

The data tsunami: the amount of data available on consumers is exploding (I’m looking at my iPhone as I’m writing this); how are corporates going to acquire it, and how are they going to use it to improve their businesses?

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed this year and best wishes for a prosperous 2012.